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Haute Lips: 4 Shades of Red Lipstick for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are spending Valentine's Day over a romantic dinner with your boo, indulging yourself in a Golden Girls marathon with your besties (or...

The End-of-World Hipster

As the cold season begins to make its way into Philth and the supposed Mayan End-of-Times is on its eve of possible destruction, my...

Indie Costumes for Halloween 2012: Don’t Be a Slut!

Not to worry, we have a few suggestions--and Jesus Christ, they're NOT sluttified!

Negotiating With Terrorists

Our favorite Philthy girl is at it again with her new video, Negotiating With Terrorists, and her never dull, always razor sharp edge.  Is...

Taste the World at Lucifer

As Louis Senofonte, owner of Philly's latest boutique: Lucifer, sees it, there is an unnecessary divide between fashion and class. "Clothes should be for...

A CRASH Course On Personal Style

"I have a small obsession with Courtney Love," says Philly-based singer-songwriter Patty Crash, whose fashion sense shows a perfect marriage between the sweetheart and...

What Does Annie Hall and 420 Have in Common?

While many brownie-eating, bong-ripping stoners alike toke in homage to univiersal munchies, film geeks and fashionistas alike celebrate the 34th anniversary of the premier...

Swoon to Religious Appropriation

It's a safe assumption to say that early 90's fashion did a pretty awesome job at pissing off the Catholic Church (from Chula...