annie hall

While many brownie-eating, bong-ripping stoners alike toke in homage to univiersal munchies, film geeks and fashionistas alike celebrate the 34th anniversary of the premier of Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall. We remember Diane Keaton’s perfect execution of Miss Hall’s quirky, “La-di-dah,” joie de vivre. But most importantly, we salute her impeccable style.
In the movie she mostly wore oversized menswear–the most signature look consisting of loose, khaki slacks, oversized vests, and a a polka-dot tie–occasionally sporting free-formed, earth-toned caftans (not to mention driving like a lunatic in her top-down VW).
Today, loose-fit khakis and and vests have become a staple item in many a closet. Thanks Diane! You are such a timeless trendsetter.