Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day over a romantic dinner with your boo, indulging yourself in a Golden Girls marathon with your besties (or your cat, because they count as besties too!), or just scrolling through Instagram to find the best anti-Valentine’s-Day meme ever, be sure to rock a scarlet shade on those gorgeous lips of yours. Smitten or single, Valentine’s Day is a day to feel incredible about yourself. Here are four of my favorite shades of rouge for you to conquer the world in–or just Walnut Street.

MAC Russian Red


A nod to the Winter Olympics! You cannot get any more red than this. This is a shade that looks amazing yet only requires a smidgen of makeup. With a simple cat-eye and a dust of bronzer, you will be walking around with a Russian accent calling yourself Natasha–No seriously, I do it all the time.


Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss No. 48 Scarlet


This is a red lip gloss suited for a more casual evening. If lipstick is not really your thing, or if you want to get straight to the kissing, gloss is the way to go. This looks great by itself or over any matte red lipstick. Your date might enjoy the taste.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Wild Ginger

tomfordwildgingerI kissed Tom Ford–and I liked it. Actually, I purchased his very over-priced lipstick and fell in lust with it. It is a timeless shade of red: coral, which is the way to go when achieving a classic Hollywood look similar to Marilyn, Elizabeth, or Judy.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in Icon


Okay, this is the Cadillac of reds (Seriously, the tube itself weighs similar to a stack of nickels). For the ultimate night out, this deep red with a tint of blue is fierce enough to send Cat Woman home. Best worn with a anything black and skin-tight. Word on the street is you will look even more amazing naked.