Our favorite Philthy girl is at it again with her new video, Negotiating With Terrorists, and her never dull, always razor sharp edge.  Is this video semiosis? Bemusement? We really don’t know. What we do know is the aesthetics are an explosion of shock-and-awe cultural reference. “It’s inspired by the state of pop culture,” she says. “It’s fucked up and awesome at the same time.”

A group collaboration with her Sister Wives and her colleague Steven Montenegro, NWT appropriates corporate-entity symbols and  American patriotism, emphasized with  strobe lights to the point of seizure, and graced with good-ol’-fashioned scantily clad nuns.  Crash’s video is an ode to what we like to call pure “2012-ness”. It’s the end of the world, so fuck it all and dance, damn it.


Also, keep an eye out! Homegirl’s going to be on TV soon!

Negotiating With Terrorists