As the cold season begins to make its way into Philth and the supposed Mayan End-of-Times is on its eve of possible destruction, my only major concern is: what will distant-future anthropologists have to say about the final youth generation’s style? For tentatively planned Apocalypse within the next few hours,  I’d have to say our generation looks like a ready-to-go army of Prussian-esque soldiers–with a little bit of (appropriated) flair.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned a term that we at Philthy like to call pure “2012-ness”– a look I have given much regard to recently.  It is a personal style that emulates a combination of late 80’s, early 90’s, with a touch of Graceland chillin’ somewhere in the middle.  This look predominantly exists in the South Philly, Passyunk Avenue region, consisting of: washed out denim, cut t-shirts, lace dresses, and Doc Marten steel toe boots (think recent Miley).  I often wonder if it is a nod to the Outsiders,  Warriors, Teen Witch, and Cry Baby all bundled into one look. Or could it be that we as the shakers and movers of the scene are too  indecisive of which genre to “be” before we all possibly disintegrate into the universe? Or whatever the Mayan’s said will happen.

I vote neither–and honestly, I’m proud of my 2012-ness.   Today is 12/21/12 and if it were to be all over by the end of tonight–my–as well as my entire youth-culture’s–wardrobe will certainly perplex future academia.