As Louis Senofonte, owner of Philly’s latest boutique: Lucifer, sees it, there is an unnecessary divide between fashion and class. “Clothes should be for everyone,” he says while helping a customer on her lunch break choose a maxi dress tailored to her size. “In this society, it’s hard to just be yourself. There’s a certain level of indie-style where one begins to believe they’re above-it-all…and that’s not what fashion’s about. You have to be able to see-it-all—you need to taste the world.”

With a curatorial eye for staple items that are beyond basic—influences ranging from Scott Schuman, Rodarte’s Mulleavy sisters, to Mary Kate Olsen—and his friendly, down-to-earth demeanor, Louis has a passion for encouraging his clientele to embrace their inner Sartorialist, “I’ve been sold on the whole think-rich-look-poor thing for a very long time,” he says. ” And from the moment of walking into his colorful boutique, to strutting out with a signature leopard-print shopping bag, every purchase will be sure to mark your style  as x____–chic.


Part boutique, part gallery—currently showing the work of artist Dan Welch, who also co-designed the colorful walls of Lucifer—the tenet of Lucifer surfaces in  it’s collection: statement pieces from ADRI Accessories,  friendship bracelets supporting social awareness by Mishky, a mixed blend of neutral toned graphic tees by Bandit Brand, summer dresses by Gypsy 05, and future art shows that will feature local 2D and 3D artists, all represent a universal Come-Together-ness. “I want people to walk in here and feel welcomed,” he says of the store’s interior design, “I want shopping here to be fun, no matter who you are.”

When it comes to running a small business, what makes Louis stand out is his sense of humility and his allegiance to the recipe for a thriving community. He couldn’t stress enough the importance of roots and the role his family had during the inception of Lucifer, “that’s what I find lacking in this business. Most seem to be so focused on who knows them and who they know, you begin to lose grip of who you are…with a family team, you’re reminded every day of what brought you there.” Ultimately so, Louis is dedicated to his firm advocacy of the traditional mom-and-pop shop and sharing with others the universality of fashion, “I think anybody just putting themselves out there—even just to try it—is inspiring, because they’re going against the odds.” He grins nostalgically, “I just want the store and I to be synonymous–because I love everybody, if you take a look at my friends, the range of people are across the board, I don’t care who you are or where you came from. If you want to be here—let’s have fun.”

Lucifer is located at:  350 South 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106  267.402.8425