jesus saves

It’s a safe assumption to say that early 90’s fashion did a pretty awesome job at pissing off the Catholic Church (from Chula inspired rosary-rocking to outfits under influence of Jesus Don’t Want Me For a Sunbeam and Like a Prayer). However, after the 90’s broke the ice, style seemed to have taken a drab, politically correct, detour–I blamed Britney, yet was hoping Manson would hold sway–I mean, remember when cowboy hats were actually in? But who knows who or what it was that relaunched it, religious appropriation has made an amazing come back since 2010.

What’s amazing is that its not so much of  a statement anymore, but more so an objective appreciation for its aesthetic value. Slightly blasphemous, yes, but perhaps its alright to say that within our most humble Philthy community, most of us swing towards the “I’m-not-religious-but-spiritual” and the “Jesus-who?” direction on the faith spectrum. We swoon to Jeremy Scott’s cross dress and Lindsay Lohan’s martyr-esque cover of Purple Fashion Magazine, sparking words like “fucking fabulous” over “oh, she’s hellbound.”

But it’s objectivity that makes the style of today so accessible–rocking esoteric symbols with the same casualness as argyle. Every time I go to Making Time, I feel like I’m in a Lars Von Trier film set, thus confirming everything is aligned, perfect, and beautiful, exactly how I imagined my generation to be.

(Jewelry by Alex and Chloe , Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Cross dress: Jeremy Scott, Lindsay Lohan photograph by Terry Richardson, cover of Purple Fashion Magazine No.13)