Sweeter Than Home

Although I can feel them all trying, it’s rare that a coffee shop actually impresses me. I’m usually turned off by the overpriced coffee and disenchanted with their random...

Spicy Tuna Wrap from the Soy Cafe; 630 N 2nd Street

Although I can feel them all trying, it’s rare that a coffee shop actually impresses me. I’m usually turned off by the overpriced coffee and disenchanted with their random sandwich creations. Combining exotic ingredients may sound like a good idea, but it usually ends up tasting like nothing.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with the flavors canceling each other out, or something like that.

It could be that I have insecurity issues when it comes to uber-hip places but I tend to get a little anxious if there are too many black-rimmed glasses peering out from the top of Mac Book’s. Basically, I have high standards when it comes to places specializing in caffeine and Wi-Fi and it’s a difficult task to make me feel as comfortable as my own apartment does.

Let me introduce you to the Soy Café, or as I like to refer to it, my second home. This little spot on 2nd and Fairmount manages to be both a breath of fresh air and a familiar face. The huge wall of windows soaks up any ray of sunshine from outside making it warm and fuzzy and the miss-matched furniture and fluffy lounge chairs provide a variety of seating options to match any mood. Walk past the counter and there’s a separate, couch-lined room with a more intimate feel that can be used for meetings or super-secret conversations. Hidden in the back is a shaded patio complete with tables and seating. I’m almost hesitant to include this detail in fear that everyone will want in on what seems like my private backyard.

The coffee is never stale; their soy smoothies made with fresh fruit and honey will actually make you enjoy being healthy for a change. My go-to is the Betty Boop; strawberries, bananas, soymilk and honey never tasted so good. The food menu consists of healthy but delicious salads, sandwiches and vegan desserts. Chocolate chip cookies that are the size of my face and taste better than their animal byproduct filled cousins; I don’t know how they do it but they do.

Their wraps are creative without going overboard. The Spicy Tuna mixes albacore tuna with spicy hummus and crisp apple, and gets sprinkled caviar and sesame. As a finishing touch, each wrap is sliced in bite-sized pieces resembling a sushi roll.

The small staff is attentive and friendly, giving out samples of freshly baked goodies made in the open kitchen. If you come in even semi-regularly, they will make an effort to remember you by name or at least by face.

With an amazing menu, crave-worthy smoothies, friendly company and perfect atmosphere, The Soy Café is just like home…only a million times better.

A note about the Author…

Haley graduated from Temple University in 2006 with degrees in Public Relations and Journalism and has been doing a variety of random jobs from paralegal to professional matchmaker ever since. She can currently be found slinging drinks at night and teaching yoga during the day or at on-the-rocks.tumblr.com. Her articles will be concentrating on the fashion and music culture around the city.



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