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Courtesy Loco Pez

It’s been a few weeks now since Loco Pez quietly opened in Fishtown. Formerly, Crazy Fish Saloon, Loco Pez was picked up by Alfa’s (Center City)  Joe Beckham.

It’s been gutted and reopened into a decent little taco dig. The wood paneling behind the bar and general decor is pretty laid back and rather grown-up-diner-esque.

Tacos are reasonably priced at about two bucks each, though they are a little small. I would suggest buying about two or three different kinds (Carne Asada and the Pez tacos are pretty tasty).

House tequila is served with a spicy tomato chaser that’s similar to a Bloody Mary mix and margaritas generally run for about six to eight dollars.

If you haven’t gone yet, check out the Monte Carlo margarita which is made with chipotle infused tequila.

If you’re not into tacos, you can order off the Cowboy menu which features your regular burgers and hot dogs, typically with a little twist–pickled jalapenos, etc.

Only shortcomings: The cooks are rather heavy-handed with the salt and the vegetarian/soy chorizo is not exactly to die for.

Otherwise, drink up… it’s cheap.



Loco Pez is located at the intersection where Norris, Cedar and Susquehanna meet at  2401 E. Norris.