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Kevin Kolb Leaves Philly in a Fit of Insults

But if you are offended by Kevin's words, just remember that he has a dumb mustache and probably won't amount to anything.

Phreak Show: The Time Has Come

There is nothing sexier than forcing two best friends fight to a graphic, slaughterous death.

Phreak Show: We’ve All Got Penises

As they roast like pigs in the hot Bethlehem sun, their flesh and guts staining the newly seeded grass, we see the roots of a football season beginning to sprout into a team of impassioned, sort of uppity, and intriguingly violent Eagles.

Phreak Show: Everything’s Fine

In the end, that's what the NBA is all about, right? Having fun. And destroying entire cities with a one-hour special revolving around a single sentence. Also, money. Ungodly amounts of it.