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Shane Victorino Needs You, Philadelphia

He is baseball at its Hawaiianest. And he deserves your love.

Jayson Werth Hates You

It's hard to leave Philadelphia. Not like "New Jersey" hard, where they don't charge you to come in but then demand money if you try to leave.

Why You Are a Phillies Fan

People leave a baseball game early because they think they know what is going to happen. Fans stay at the game because they know that anything can.

Put Some Clothes on the Phillies Ball Girls

Some cities aren't as liberal as Philadelphia. But that isn't stopping the Phillies and Macy's from extending a challenge to those of us forever crouched over our sewing machines, fingers quivering with desire.

Phreak Show: Life in the Cheap Seats

Nobody said it would be easy. But at least we're not covered in puke.