… And while you’re in there get ride of the original Patriot Act!

Mr. Obama, most mainstream news people are in agreement (aren’t they always?) that the first year of a new President’s term is the most open to terrorist attacks. The WTC bombings in Clinton’s first term. The WTC inside job plane crash in Bush’s. Old people may remember/know if this holds true for other Presidents.

Look Mr. Obama, when dirty bombs go off synchronized in major cities across the US, or a small nuclear bomb goes off in the financial district of NYC, please be cool about it. 

Don’t use this opportunity to scare me into things… an Iranian war, a Fema death camp, giving away more of my rights, the Internet 2, a V-Chip implanted under my skin, combining economies with Canada and Mexico and making me buy things with “Ameros”, A one world government, or really any other conspiracy theory that I accidentally watched on YouTube.

Otherwise I will really start to believe in the New World Order. (I kinda already do.)

TTLY, Conrad