Mr Obama, please stop “bailing out” and rewarding the CEOs that created this economy. Please note that the “American middle class,” the one that so honestly adopted your slogans of “hope” and “change,” the one that handed you this election, do not live and breath by the ticker of the Dow. 

The “American middle class” has suffered decades of stagnant wages, slave wages, while our CEO masters have continued to redefine what is acceptable compensation for themselves. We were forced to pay increased health care costs, increased food costs, increased transportation costs, and increased housing costs. The companies we worked for rallied, made profits, the executives we worked for made millions, billions. Yet instead of giving us fair wages, they gave us credit cards.

Grant it, we didn’t need most of what we bought, but either did they. We were just are all so unconsciously miserable. Trained by the T.V.s and advertisements, we spent our credit for everything. Hungry? Credit card. Happy? Credit card. Horny? Credit card.

And now we all have a shit mound of personal debt. Now, we are literally slaves. Well, I suppose, indentured servant might be the more literal phrase. For decades we bought shit… clothes, cars, cable, educations, vacations. And now we have to pay the shit back, at 33% interest. So I think Mr. Obama, if your reading this, you might know where I’m going here. (I kinda lost track around the second reference to the middle class being slaves, ah yes…)

Look I know you’re no magician, and that you can’t fix decades of corruption. However, you can start somewhere… Do not bailout the auto industry, or the airline industry, or the housing industry.

You scoffed throughout your campaign that trickle down economics doesn’t help the middle class, and you were right. However bailing out these CEOs and huge corporations is, I think, the definition of trickle down. 

If you really do give a shit about the “American middle class” then bailout people, and small businesses. And if you really do believe in a free market then let the big guys fall. I mean come on, any company that tries to sell the Hummer (GM) on the crux of an environmental apocalypse deserves to fall. SRSLY.

TTLY, Conrad