A Breathtaking Evening with The Dresden Dolls at Union Transfer

The Dresden Dolls played an incredible two hour set at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on June 8th, 2024.

Last Saturday, The Dresden Dolls blew the audience away with a just-under-three-hour set, appropriately titled An Evening With The Dresden Dolls. Amanda Palmer, on vocals and keys, along with Brian Viglione on drums, gave an incredible, unique, and unforgettable performance that brought me a newfound love for this renowned duo. Their merch calls themselves “punk cabaret,” which I believe perfectly captures the essence of their live act – clear burlesque influence, accentuated by the dark themes of their music. Their studio albums could be seen as somewhat unsettling, but their live performance showed a bit more of Amanda and Brian’s personalities – they’re funny, they’re there to have a good time, and most of all to  play their music with their whole hearts to an audience of devoted fans – some even dressed in makeup similar to the band. The interplay of the duo was just as engaging as the musical performance itself.

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