Mr Obama, here is a three step guide to foreign policy by Conrad!

Step one: Do not hire Hillary Clinton as your Secretary Of State. (Which would effectively put her in charge of all of your foreign affairs.) If not due simply to the fact that one of the only things you two differed on in the primaries was foreign policy. You said that she didn’t show good judgment when she decided to authorize the Iraq War. So why would she show any better judgment now?

Instead I would hire Bill Richardson and offer Hillary Secretary Of Health, an area she has at the very least shown some “good judgement.”

Step two: Do not invade Iran. Period.

Step three: Leave Iraq on the time table set up by the Iraqi government. (Which I believe has all battle troops out by 2010.) And for the love of “God” please do not build gigantic permanent bases in Baghdad, or anywhere else in Iraq. 

Step three and a half: You have already said that you are going to increase “troop levels” (didn’t they used to be called soldiers?) in Afghanistan. That Sucks. But at the very least Mr. Obama, please stop killing civilians. And while your not killing them, let’s not throw innocent people into prison either. Abu Ghraib ring any bells?

All in all, don’t be an asshole to the world and the world will not be an asshole to you.

TTLY, Conrad