Mr. Obama, no matter what you think happened on 9/11, one thing is for sure, that “investigation” was kind of a sham.

For starters, Bush appointed every member of the “bipartisan” 9/11 committee. Then, neither Bush nor Cheney had to swear under oath, nor were their testimonies released to the public or even recorded for future examination. Then perhaps strangest of all, the committee asked for three hours with each of them separately, but were only given 45 minutes with both of them together. Why couldn’t they answer the committee separately?

That weirdness aside, so many scientists and professors and scholars and fire fighters and police officers and just plain ordinary tax paying Americans have questions that Bush’s administration have boldly ignored, and these people have been all but brushed off as cooks by the mainstream media. 

Polls (if you trust those kinds of things) continue to show a growing minority of Americans, mostly young people and Alex Jones, that believe the Bush administration had some hand in 9/11.  

If you do nothing, you will soon have a whole generation of Americans that completely distrust their leadership. Are you ready for that? 

Investigate It!

TTLY, Conrad