If you’re looking for a good excuse to return to (or finally check out) Eraserhood’s quirkiest hotspot, Underground Arts [Which I once described as, “a cross between a school cafeteria, a 1930s speakeasy, and (and perhaps most prominently) the cabaret lounge of a David Lynch film.], this Wednesday, January 23rd, they’re hosting 2013’s coolest dance party yet, starring… Ultraista.  Ultraista are Grammy-winning producer Nigel Godrich, drummer Joey Warnoker, and electro-chanteuse Laura Bettinson, a London-based trio, who released their self-titled debut last Fall on Temporary Residence Limited.  The band blends Afrobeat with synthetic dance music for a cocktail that is whimsically and hypnotically sensual and brilliantly popular.  Ultraista are sharing the bill with Prefuse 73, who recently remixed their “You’re Out” (Which you can hear above.)  The band will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday, January 29th, but I would highly recommend the chance to get steamy with Ultraista this freezing cold Wednesday in David Lynch’s old stomping grounds.