The sound of Ex Cops is hard to pin down.  It’s something in-between what could be described as delicately playful post-punk and postmodern, electro-twee.  They like sunny harmonies… but they also like the fuzzy stuff.  At the heart of Ex Cops is Brian Harding (formerly of Hymns) and Amalie Bruun (formerly of Minks).  Last week they released a music video for their song “Ken” (inspired by the Replacements’ video for “Bastards of the Young,” and which you can find below) and this Tuesday, January 22nd, they are set to release True Hallucinations, their debut LP, on Other Music Recording Co.  I recently got the chance to chat with Brian Harding… a man of few words.  Here’s what he had to tell me:


Izzy Cihak: Although you’ve been around for a couple of years now, True Hallucinations is your first official LP.  What were its biggest inspirations (musical or otherwise) and how would you characterize its sound for those who might be yet to hear you play?

Brian Harding: The inspiration is the life we’ve lived in NY so far, and we’d describe it as music that makes you feel pretty good.

IC: Is there one particular track which you feel like best sums up what you’re about?

BH: “Separator.” It’s a song in black and white and going in slow-motion.

IC: How did you decide on the group’s moniker?  It’s cleverly simplistic, but I feel like it’s an inside joke of sorts.

BH: The NY Post decided it for us.

IC: Are there any contemporary trends or artists that you feel to be especially intriguing or that you think are approaching music in a fashion similar to yourselves?

BH: No.

IC: What are your plans, hopes, and goals for 2013?  Can we expect any touring?  If so, what can we expect of the live experience?

BH: We’d like to tour the United States, Canada, Europe, and even New Zealand, since people keep telling us our music is ‘Kiwi Pop’.  And Japan.

*For those in the NY area, Ex Cops will be playing January 22nd at Glasslands and February 15th at the Mercury Lounge.