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I Don’t Care Who Started It

I don't want to call it "road rage," but I am an inconsolable wreck constantly on the verge of tears while operating a motor vehicle.

A Philthy Sports Post Election Day Snarkfest

The people of New Jersey are now proud constituents of a brand new offensive tackle/state representative, which makes for some of the coolest business cards ever customized.

Phreak Show: Loss FTW

Brett Myers, ex-Phillies pitcher, current Astros pitcher, and sort of like that douchey older brother of one of your friends who bought you your first beers, but charged you $30 for a six pack of Natty and drank two of them on the way home.

Phreak Show: Let it Go, Man

Last week, we discussed "justice," a little. This time, our theme takes a more sympathetic turn, as we put down our hammers and unclench our fists to offer a comforting, yet still frustrated, pat on the shoulder to our topics.