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Mothers’ Kristine Leschper: “I’ve never been interested in making anything genre-specific”

This September experimental rockers Mothers released Render Another Ugly Method (ANTI-Records), their first official release since songwriter/guitarist/vocalist/main-person Kristine Leschper relocated to the City of...

Secrets from Grouper’s own “Secret Weapon,” Ashley Taylor

Chances are, if you and your friends regularly hit the hot spots in Center City for a few brews to catch up, you’ve noticed...

Jayson Werth Hates You

It's hard to leave Philadelphia. Not like "New Jersey" hard, where they don't charge you to come in but then demand money if you try to leave.

Put Some Clothes on the Phillies Ball Girls

Some cities aren't as liberal as Philadelphia. But that isn't stopping the Phillies and Macy's from extending a challenge to those of us forever crouched over our sewing machines, fingers quivering with desire.

Eagles Totally Defenseless at the Moment

This is just what it looks like when it wants to have sex. We're not allowed to show you it in mid-kill.

Michael Vick Will Save Us

Michael Vick has cybernetic legs that can sense trouble. Or at least an incoming linebacker.

I Don’t Care Who Started It

I don't want to call it "road rage," but I am an inconsolable wreck constantly on the verge of tears while operating a motor vehicle.

Eagles Steal Colt from Some Vikings

It could be hardest on the zebras.

A Philthy Sports Post Election Day Snarkfest

The people of New Jersey are now proud constituents of a brand new offensive tackle/state representative, which makes for some of the coolest business cards ever customized.

The Broad Street Bully: Origins

The tattered hockey gear adorned on his torso had a picture of a skull drinking whiskey and giving the finger to a sobbing baby penguin.