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So I just ran into Brandi Fitzgerald from Join The Impact (the organization that planned the super successful nation wide Prop 8 protest on November 15th)… She’s totally a Philthy Blog reader BTW, hey Brandi!

Anyway, we talked all abt some of the awesome events she is planning over the coming months, to help spread Marriage Equality Awareness here in Philadelphia… Including this weekend’s Love-In at Love Park! 

Check it out…

Location: LOVE PARK
Date: Saturday December 20, 2008
Time: 5:00PM

VERY IMPORTANT…. This is an informal gathering. A peaceful vigil. A way to enhance the presence of the GLBTQ community here in our beautiful city. This is the most amazing time of our lives and in light of the Equality Awareness Revolution that is before us, it would be great to see everyone again at LOVE park on the 20th! There will be no microphones and no stage or speakers… just us singing together, or in silence is powerful enough. This is not a protest.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that in lieu of candles we should all bring a single glow stick as our light. Being mindful of our beautiful city, please dispose of it properly when necessary. You know… just thinking about the messy dripping wax and potential fire hazard during the dry winter month of December, not to mention those of you who may burn your fingers in the process.

That said…..BUNDLE UP, get your mocha chino frappalatte caramel double shot of warmth and COME ON OUT!

Brandi’s goal is to hold an event every month to keep every1 on their toes and to help keep the gay rights movement moving in Philly. In the future she will need GLBT artist, musicians and activists to participate/preform at larger gatherings. So if ur interested please contact Brandi through Join The Impact HERE!

TTLY, Conrad