Rituals of Mine Open Up The Fillmore for Garbage Tonight: “Expect a lot of emotion, a lot of hair, and no holding back.”

I know all of my local loved-ones are beyond excited to see Garbage celebrate the 20th anniversary of Version 2.0 tonight at The Fillmore (Yeah, it’s exciting enough to...

I know all of my local loved-ones are beyond excited to see Garbage celebrate the 20th anniversary of Version 2.0 tonight at The Fillmore (Yeah, it’s exciting enough to warrant going to The Fillmore…), but I highly recommend getting there early to catch the opening set from Rituals of Mine (The Fillmore doesn’t list ROM on the bill, but I assume they go on at 8pm sharp.)  Rituals of Mine, formerly known as Sister Crayon, are a self-described, “electronic/downtempo R&B duo” out of LA, led by Terra Lopez, who, in addition to fronting the band, also runs the label Bitchwave, works for Terrorbird Media (one of our favorite PR firms), and is responsible for the THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE art installation (Get a brief bio with this recent interview in BUST.)  Rituals of Mine have been at it since 2010, with two full-lengths and a handful of EPs.  PHILTHY MAG actually encountered Rituals of Mine just two years ago, when fellow staffer and my BFF, Elizabeth, attended their show opening for Tricky at Underground Arts.  However, earlier this month Rituals of Mine released “No Time To Go Numb,” just their second track since 2015’s Devoted LP.  The track is an anti-Trump protest anthem that has been percolating since the last election.  The band are just about to wrap their US tour supporting Garbage, with their second-to-last show tonight, October 25th, at The Fillmore, before heading to the UK to play a handful of shows with Geographer and The Seshen.  However, Terra Lopez recently found a bit of time to chat with me about what Rituals of Mine are up to and most excited (or terrified) about these days.

Izzy Cihak: Considering that you’ve been a band for almost a decade now, what have been some of the personal highlights for you?

Terra Lopez: Personal highlights have included working with Adam (my drummer) on what we currently have (which in my opinion is the best live show we have ever had). Signing to Warner Bros. Records was definitely a big moment for us. Touring with Garbage right now is the best tour I’ve ever personally done – it’s a dream. Every single time a fan comes up to us and tells us that our music has helped save their life or helped enrich their life – that’s a highlight.

Izzy: I understand that you’re currently working on the follow-up to Devoted.  If you don’t mind, what can be expected of your future sounds?

Terra: The new record will be a completely new sound for us – we are pushing ourselves to go beyond anything we’ve done and to go places lyrically and sonically that we haven’t before. It’s a natural evolution but very intentional.

Izzy: I know you’ve been on lot of amazing tours and worked with a ton of other great artists, but how is it being on tour with Garbage?  They were like one of my favorite bands in my tween and teen years.

Terra: I’ve always been a huge fan of Garbage – I mean, Shirley is the ultimate hero in this industry. We could not have asked for a better tour with a kinder crew. The entire Garbage crew are total sweethearts – such good, genuine people who have been insanely supportive of us and what we are doing. It’s beyond anything I could have dreamed – we really are so blown away by their generosity.

Izzy: For that matter, do you have any particular favorite works of theirs?  I love their first three records hard, but I actually think that beautifulgarbage is my favorite (I’m a total sucker for “Cup of Coffee” and “Drive You Home.”)

Terra: I think I’d have to say “Push It” or “Special” – those tracks are so dynamic and explosive when they perform it live, but I remember listening to them as a young teenager and thinking that they were so cool. Those songs really define a certain time in my life, so it’s really special for me when they play it every night. Seeing the crowd react and sing along to these songs fills my heart every night – it’s amazing.

Izzy: What can be expected of your live show on this tour? Can we expect some more new music, in addition to “No Time To Go Numb?”

Terra: We will be playing new music in addition to our new song, “No Time To Go Numb.” We have a completely new light show as well. Expect a lot of emotion, a lot of hair, and no holding back.

Izzy: So, speaking of that, “No Time To Go Numb,” which sort of serves as both a protest song and an inspirational anthem for the oppressed, and deals with the everyday atrocities facing people who aren’t straight, white, and male, are there any resources (in addition to all of your own work) that you think are potentially important, or even just helpful, that people look to for a better understanding of the culture in which we’re presently living?

Terra: I think now more than ever, it’s crucial that we are supporting artists of color, trans people, and womxn. There are so many books that I would suggest, but off the top of my head – Amateur by Thomas McBee is stunning. I just finished it – it’s a book about toxic masculinity and about him being the first trans boxer to fight in Madison Square Garden. It’s a great resource to learn more about the trans community and to educate yourself on how we can shift our culture as to how we treat marginalized people in general.

Izzy: On a related note, are there any contemporary (or maybe even not contemporary…) public figures that you think are important to look to or be aware of at the moment? (I mean, I sort of ask this jokingly, as there are obviously quite a few.)

Terra: So many [laughs]! I’m so inspired by so many people right now who are fighting and who give me hope but a few are: Ashleigh Marie Preston, Tarana Burke, ShiShi Rose, Janet Mock, Leslie Feinberg, Tegan & Sara, Dan Reynolds, Shirley Manson (legit), Thomas McBee, and so many more!

Izzy: And, finally, what’s next for you, after your current dates wrap in December.  I mean, I tried to stick to the music (I’m not sure how good of a job I did…), but I know you work in many different fields and mediums.  What are you most excited to be doing in the first part of 2019?

Terra: Finish this new ROM record, create more art, and continue to fight injustice.

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