When considering an entity such as Rock’N’Roll, based almost entirely on youthful passions and transgressions, it’s worth noting that those best fit for it are, themselves, youths.  Last month Australian trio, The Goon Sax, who were (according to their latest press release) 19 at the time, released their second LP, We’re Not Talking, on Wichita Recordings.  And while the band’s passion is very youthful, their sound would seem to be inspired by teen angst of previous generations.  The album, the follow-up to 2016’s Up To Anything (the 8th best-reviewed debut album of the year), seems to blend the sonic sensibilities of late-‘70s Manchester post-punk with late-‘80s New England college rock.  They recently released a music video for single “Make Time 4 Love,” which sounds along the lines of a timewarp that allowed Joy Division to cover The Replacements.  The Goon Sax are kicking off a US tour tonight at our very own Johnny Brenda’s and I would highly recommend coming to check it out.  In the meantime, have a look and listen to “Make Time 4 Love.”