Yo, u vegan? Whtvr. I’m cool wit that… I thought abt being one once, but then I realized 70% of my diet r Wawa cheese hoagies. So, u know. 

Anyway, my friend and her friends just started this boner vegan food blog. Vegan Royal. It’s like The View but with 3 liberal vegans and no Elisabeth Hasselback and not to mention, totally non-annoying. They have recipes and vegan-sized reviews of restaurants and bars in Philly. It’s pretty boner.

Srsly, even if ur non vegan u’ll wanna check it out. 


TTLY, Conrad

P.s. Mybe u noticed. But I’m starting to use the word boner, instead of rlly good or awesome. It’s my New Years’ resolution to expand my vocab. It’s also my New Years’ resolution to be more entrepreneurial. So… This is what I came up with.