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Evan Roth’s New Self-Published Book Is Available Online For Free, Naturally

Get it HERE. Also, keep up with the Joneses... Evan Roth's Bad Ass Mother Fucker blog. TTLY, Conrad

Philthy Blog: Now Available For Free Online!

MySpace      Twitter      Facebook TTLY, Conrad  

How To Follow Ur Dreamz: The Sandy Paws Story

1. Identify something u like 2 do. 2. Do it... "Balls to the wall" style. 3. Create a website devoted to ur work with the most...

Film In The Blanks: It’s Like Sudoku, But Totally Different!

"An ongoing experiment in deconstructing and abstracting film posters. Some famous and some not so famous." This is rlly fun. Click HERE to start guessing! TTLY, Conrad

WTF, I’ve Been Found Out!!!

Even the colors!?! I should have seen this coming, but, you know, you're never really ready for it, you know? TTLY, Conrad

Philly Vegan Food Blog Makes Me Wanna Go All The Way

Yo, u vegan? Whtvr. I'm cool wit that... I thought abt being one once, but then I realized 70% of my diet r Wawa...

Thank U 4 Reading/ Stay Tuned 2 Philthy Blog In The...

Yo boo, what up? Long time no video...   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-FGHp-79yU&hl=en&fs=1&w=425&h=344] The ginger in the video is my friend Courtney Davison, u may or may not be...

Philebrity Ends Philthy Blog Embargo…

After months of ignoring each other, behind weeks of mud slinging, Philebrity begins to acknowledge this blog's existence again!        Albeit in a completely inaccurate (and mostly...