A new night in Philadelphia is emerging at The Raven Lounge (1718 Sansom St) from the minds of Nasty Sinatra and DeShawn Timothy called ANGST! A night that we here at Philthy can only call “something dark. something dirty.”  This night hasnt even happened yet and it’s garnering attention from people here in the city.


Paul Thorson: So the tag line says “Dark and Gritty Hip Hop, Pop and Rock” What can we expect to hear at this new night of yours???

Deshawn: You can expect a soundscape of dark and sexy dance music that everyone knows and loves. Imagine if “Judas” by Lady Gaga, “Monster” by Kanye West, and “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode had a crazy ménage à trois one drunken evening. ANGST! would definitely by the love child.

PT: Why did you call this ANGST! and who might this night appeal to?

DeShawn: Even though Nasty and I grew up miles apart during our teenage years in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, we both were full of ANGST! and enjoyed darker mainstream (and underground) music and culture of the time. Today you see a lot of darker ‘90s influence in pop culture. From Skrillex’s music to the fashion of rappers like A$AP Rocky, it’s all a nod to the ‘90s. Anyone with a love for today’s pop culture and yester-years’ will enjoy our night.

PT: Can we expect you to bring live acts into the mix?

DeShawn: Most certainly. Philadelphia is a playground of musicians who are full of ANGST!

PT: I understand you’re both a part of Sgt. Sass… what is that music act all about?

Deshawn: Sgt. Sass started in 2007 with me and long-time friend and collaborator, DaQuan Motely. We wanted to create hip-hop without boundaries, meaning without any hang-ups regardless of our sexualities. We met Nasty a few years ago and everything fell into place.
Nasty Sinatra: I was a huge fan of Sgt. Sass before even joining, and I’m pretty convinced I met Deshawn and DaQuan out of pure star alignment (it was fated to say the least). They are my musical inspiration for everything cool, and my best friends as well. Deshawn and I met a few years back hosting a party at Silk City, and I met Daquan at Sass gig at the Barbary, for a party I was DJ’ing at the time. Soon enough I started DJ’ing for them, and we have been a happy, sassy family ever since! Sgt. Sass is all about good music.

PT: What’s with that DJ name? How did you come up with it?

Nasty Sinatra: It’s obviously a pun on Nancy Sinatra  But it came about my freshman year at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC). I had a roommate who was playing Nancy Sinatra’s discography for about a week straight during finals, in a moment of Jameson-and-draping induced delirium, I slurred out a plea to please, “Turn off that Nasty… I mean Nancy Sinatra already!” … the damage was done, and the name stuck!

sinatrafamelust copy

PT: Why did you call this ANGST! and who might this night appeal to?
N.Sinatra & DeShawn: We called this night ANGST! because it embodies all the angsty feelings that this music inspires across a gamut of genres. Time to dance the pain away kids! This night appeals to all the 90’s babies, Tumblr children of today, old school goths, 80’s new-wavers, medicated Morrissey lovers, gay bois and grrrls, party peeps and freaks of all kinds, hip-hop headz attracted to the dark side, and anyone who wants to dance to a backdrop of a Jodorowsky flick.

PT: Can we expect you to bring live acts into the mix?

Nasty Sinatra: Yes! We will have live acts for sure (any angsty bands get at us!). We also plan to have some guest DJ’s spinning, who will no doubt bring their own distinctive angst-y element into the mix!

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/406363156116405