Get Ready for GAS @ Union Transfer

If Wagner were to go glam rock or Hansel and Gretel were to do acid, as Voigt's label Kompakt describes, this would be the place to hear it....

If December hasn’t brought Philly enough electro-music-induced euphoria to close out 2017, make the Monday* before Christmas a deep, reflective, night of transcendence with a special seated show at Union Transfer as R5 Productions presents Wolfgang Voigt, a.k.a. GAS. If Wagner were to go glam rock or Hansel and Gretel were to do acid, as Voigt’s label, Kompakt, describes, this would be the place to hear it.

After a seventeen-year hiatus, having reached a temporary peak in his career during the 1990s electronic scene, Voigt (with previous monikers you may know: MIKE INK, STUDIO1 or GRUNGERMAN) has returned to his GAS moniker with a new album, Narkopop. With an evolved sound consisting of the same ambience that could be described as dysphorically euphoric, vexing yet comforting, and elegantly eerie, when compared to Voigt’s previous albums—still consisting of all of the above, only slightly conservative in it’s production value—a sense of growth is heard in Narkopop. Avoiding the term ‘minimalist’ entirely—as we all should; it’s a genre, not a ringtone option—Voigt describes GAS as “opulent and dense.” Listening to Narkopop leaves one feeling left in a capacious room with no doors, blanketed by cool-toned lights, trapped in a flux state, with an unwillingness to leave.

On December 18th**, get ready to transcend, and get your tickets for GAS at Union Transfer. In addition, opening with a DJ set is Philly’s very own curatorial beat genius and producer Dave P.

Get your tickets today! 

*EDIT: The December 18th show at Union Transfer has been postponed until further notice. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up on the rescheduled date.

**A message from Wolfgang Voigt / GAS:

“It is with great regret to inform you that GAS will not be able to make the trip to the United States.We were informed late Thursday afternoon that our approved visas and passports would not be delivered due to “technical problems”. Our team tried everything to reach the responsible US embassy to get any information on our case but unfortunately were left without any further information or support.After months of hard work from dozens of colleagues, we are devastated by this news.We will hopefully be in the United States in March 2018 as planned and are working hard with our partners in
Philadelphia to find a new date at Union Transfer.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.”

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