Zolita Talks Playing Live (6/20 at The Fillmore w/ Bebe Rexha)

This Tuesday, June 20th, pop mega star Bebe Rexha is bringing her Best F’n Night of My Life Tour to The Fillmore.  And while we’re plenty excited for Rexha’s return...

This Tuesday, June 20th, pop mega star Bebe Rexha is bringing her Best F’n Night of My Life Tour to The Fillmore.  And while we’re plenty excited for Rexha’s return to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, we’re even more excited for the return of alt-pop singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and burgeoning LGBTQ+ icon, Zolita, who will be opening the show (Get there early!  She goes on at 7:30!)  We first met Zolita this February, just after the release of her third EP, Falling Out / Falling In, and just prior to the kickoff of her first-ever headlining tour, which included a stellar show at The Foundry. 

Zolita’s brand of queer-forward indie pop embraces the pop-punk of skateparks and the electronics of throbbing nightclubs, alike.  And while it’s intimate enough to lend itself to the acoustic (She’s released official acoustic versions of many of her songs.), it’s more frequently aggressively anthemic, and dying to fill enormous rooms (Or fields, see below…)

Last month Zolita released her most recent single, “Grave,” a sultry post-breakup ballad that you will definitely hear on Tuesday night, and last week I got a chance to catch up with the singer/songwriter, who told me about how it’s been to play her music for live audiences throughout the first half of 2023.

Izzy: The last time we spoke was in February, just before you kicked off your first headlining tour.  How did the tour go, overall?  Any particular highlights?  Your show at The Foundry is definitely one of the best things I’ve seen this year.

Zolita: My first headline tour went so incredibly well – I wish it was longer!  The Foundry show was such a highlight for me.  Philly was so unbelievably welcoming and rowdy!  And I’m so excited to come back and play the big room opening for Bebe!

Izzy: How were Boston Calling and Governors Ball, in particular?  I’m guessing those are the biggest shows you’ve ever played.

Zolita: Boston Calling and Gov Ball were my first real festivals – the whole experience was so unbelievable.  Seeing Alanis play Boston Calling (and then getting to meet her after!!) is something I’ll never get over!  And Gov Ball felt like such a rite of passage for me as someone who lived in NYC for 6 years and went to Gov Ball every year!  My family and oldest friends were there.  It was so special.

Izzy: And when we last spoke was when you dropped the Falling Out / Falling In EP, so I’m curious if you’ve had any favorite reactions to the EP, whether things you’ve read about it, things fans have told you, or just reactions the songs have gotten from live audiences?

Zolita: Oh, this is so hard!  The reception overall to “Ashley” has been the most special to me.  Getting to bring up a different Ashley some of the nights on tour and sing to her was so heartwarming.  I just played a headline show in Detroit and a couple whose wedding song is going to be “Ashley” got to come up and we were all just crying!

Izzy: You’re currently about halfway through Bebe Rexha’s Best F’n Night of My Life Tour, which has you playing to pretty huge crowds every night.  How has that been going?  I imagine her fanbase would gel with you pretty well.

Zolita: It’s honestly been the most incredible experience.  Bebe is one of the kindest, most inspiring people I’ve ever met.  I feel so spoiled getting to see her show every night and watch the way she works and performs!  And her fans are so welcoming and fun.  I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people!

Izzy: What can be expected of your show here at The Fillmore next Tuesday? You sold out the upstairs venue on your headlining tour in February, but I’m guessing this will be a little different.

Zolita: I’m so excited to get to bring some of my songs to the bigger stage!!!  My set includes a lot of the songs I played at The Foundry, but also my new single, “Grave.”

Izzy: The last time we spoke we chatted about fashion a bit (Your mom working for Tahari, and you watching Mugler shows whenever you feel like you’re in a fashion rut.), so I’m curious if there’s anything you would especially appreciate fans wearing out to the show?  I know most artists say they want their fans to wear whatever they’re comfortable in, but if any of your fans feel like they may be in a fashion rut, is there anything you’d encourage them to explore?

Zolita: Ooooh, I love this question!  I’d love my fans to use my shows as a place to dress up or try something new they wouldn’t wear in their day-to-day life.  And, of course, I love sparkles and shimmer and rhinestones, so that’s always encouraged.

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