Despite having a relatively modest 6,500 “followers” on Twitter, Houston trio Khruangbin has already sold out three pretty massive Philadelphia shows in 2018.  The band, who uniquely blend world music with soul, psych rock, and nearly countless other genres and scenes (Thai music of the ‘60s and ‘70s are quite prevalent, in addition to Middle Eastern funk.), are currently in the middle of an almost entirely sold out US headlining tour, which will have them at Underground Arts this Saturday (Yes, it’s sold out…) and in late September and early October they will find themselves in the even-more-massive Fillmore, opening two shows for Leon Bridges.  Khruangbin are currently touring behind their sophomore album, Con Todo El Mundo, which hit shelves this January (courtesy of Dead Oceans) and is easily one of the year’s best releases.  And while the particular sonic amalgam found on the album is nearly impossible to pin down, it’s worth noting that none of the band’s influences are ever made novel and that, somehow, some way, it all works.  Pitchfork stated that the album, “might be the perfect accompaniment to just about any somewhat passive activity,” before going on to say, “Cooking? Studying? Walking? Riding the bus? Khruangbin have your back.”  That may very well be true, but their aesthetic also embodies an elegant sleaze that I can’t help but imagine soundtracking exploitation films of years gone by.  Of all of their mystique, I can’t possibly imagine what will be their live show… although I expect it will be good… There are a few YouTube videos, but I would kind of rather remain in the metaphorical dark before entering Eraserhood this Saturday… Check back with me Sunday afternoon and check out their recent video for “Evan Finds the Third Room” below.