Hilarious! Watch this NOW…

Talking abt propaganda… I went to a Borders in Ardmore today (I didn’t go to Ardmore to go to the Borders though. I went to go scope out a Free People store with my friend who is applying for a job there. Did u know Free People’s clothes sucked? Then we went to Urban, did u know there is no men’s section at the Urban in Ardmore? Then we check out the Apple store, did u know Ardmore had an Apple store? Then we got some dinner, and then we walked over to Borders to look at some magazines while we digested… Not that u asked, but now u know.)

Anyway, propaganda… Walking into the Borders I was totally shocked, and a little horrified, by the mountain of copies of (homophobe and all around nut job) Ann Coulter’s new book they had on display, right at the entrance. Ardmore, I thought u were better than that? 🙁

TTLY, Conrad