All I could think abt today at work was, “Why do I never see people taking those free Tylenol cabs?” (Ok, it wasn’t literally all I could think abt, but for dramatic effect let’s say it was!)

I mean ok, I work on one of the cab’s routes, so I see usually 2 or 3 go by an hour, but I never see people in one. It was even raining today, but still no passengers. Waiting at a stop light I asked one of the cab’s drivers how many people he picks up a day and he said around 10-15… Seems low, right? 

So I began to ask myself, “What’s keeping people from taking the free Tylenol sponsored, cold and flu season, cab rides?” This is what I came up with…

1. Fear of forced conversations with the driver abt Tylenol
2. You use CVS brand, and would feel a little guilty
3. You still don’t really get that it’s a cab
4. Too “New Yorky”
5. Creepiness factor?
6. You don’t believe anything is really ever free (afraid you’ll have to pay double for a cab in next life)

If you can think of any other reasons please add in comments!

TTLY, Conrad