1. My parents asking me how work is going… at a job I was fired from 2 years ago.

2. Random naps that occur due to over stimulation combined with unnecessary amounts of food consumption.

3. Being around people who think I dress like a Jonas Brother. 

4. Realizing that not everyone talks sarcastically all the time.

5. Having to explain for the millionth time what a blog is, and why it is a productive use of my time. 

6. Being in a house with tissue boxes in multiple rooms.

7. Being in a house with automatic air fresheners in multiple rooms.

8. Explaining to my family for the millionth time what a vegetarian diet does, and does not, consists of… and why it isn’t just the same thing as organic. 

9. Watching TV with people I haven’t talked to in months.

10. Agreeing with my mom that, yes, “I should go visit my grandparents soon…”

11. Spending quality time with the family dogs.


TTLY, Conrad