The Whole Sugarcube Thing

As many of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have already heard. Yesterday I received an email from Edward at Sugarcube in response to my Black...

As many of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have already heard. Yesterday I received an email from Edward at Sugarcube in response to my Black Friday post. A post in which I very shortly (but very powerfully, apparently) ripped into Sugarcube for overpricing a shirt…

“Loooong story short Sugarcube had men’s vintage(?) GAP flannels on-sale(?) for $70s… Yeeeaaahhh…Fuck that. Meanwhile Lost + Found, right across the street, had maaad cute stuff, all muuuch more reasonably priced and I spent $160 on a jacket, a belt, a winter hat, AND a sweater… SOLD! Get your shit together Sugarcube, you were all kinda uptight and weird too. Whereas the women at Lost + Found were super nice and helpful.” [Read the full post here]

The post was mostly silly and was mostly about a SEPTA El service shutdown, but was evidently stinging enough(?) to warrant THIS email (that was forwarded to me from Paul because I guess I have the wrong email listed on the site, my bad), take a look…

Dear Mr. Thorson,

Please be aware I have sent the following, addressed to Conrad, in response to his slanderous comments about Sugarcube Inc.


Was your negative comment about our efforts at Sugarcube so warranted you just had to post what you did? Surely you must realize all the stores in old city have different price points, customers, products, rents and the like. All of us, including your supported store, Izzo, are trying like hell to stay open so you can have positive choices other than your first point of reference “The Gap”. We invite you to Sugarcube to clearly see and understand what we have and what we do. Please, stop in, introduce yourself.

Is the intent of your blog to undercut locally owned independent businesses in Philadelphia who contribute in a positive manner to Philadelphia’s diverse culture? It just strikes me odd with all one could post about (even under the subject “Black Friday”) that intentionally trying to harm a reputable business is in your favor. I await your response.


Edward Dormer

124 North 3rd Street
Philadelphia PA 19106

Is it just me, or are they kinda proving the whole “uptight and weird” thing by even just sending this email? (That’s a joke Sugarcube… Kinda.) Anyway, I got this right as I was heading into work yesterday evening, so I’ve had some time to think about this, and … It really just seems silly to me. I think I must have hit a nerve. Maybe they’ve heard this kind of thing before?

I mean, wouldn’t the normal response to a customer’s weird visit to your shop (whether or not the customer is a blogger) prompt you to ask them to come back and give it another look (which he kind of did), but maybe WITHOUT asking me if it was “the intent of [my] blog to undercut locally owned independent businesses in Philadelphia”?

Besides, I didn’t really say anything much different from what other customers have wrote about them on Yelp. Funny enough, the very first comment basically repeats my sentiments…

“… The prices, though, are what prevents me from stocking my closet full of their goodies since they aren’t as recessionista friendly as Lost + Found across the street.” [Zoe P.]

And even while Sugarcube has a great Yelp rating, most of the people, some of whom even rate them 5 stars, comment on the over pricing…

“… The only thing I wish is more of a mix of price points.” [Lee G.]

“… The clothes are very overpriced. I love all of the wood and the handpicked vintage items, but you cannot find much in this store for under $100.” [Popped Festival]

So, I guess Philly’s own Popped Music Festival is undercutting locally owned independent businesses too?

Look Sugarcube, your shop is mad cute. It got me to walk in, didn’t it? You obviously have your shit together. Your quality and selection is a rarity in this city. (Or so my friends who work in the fashion industry in Philly have told me. Ok, my one friend who works at Anthropologie cooperate). And despite my (probably still SEPTA angry) experience, everyone else has commented on your GOOD customer service, so I’ll take that back. All I’m saying, I guess, is bring in a few more price points(?) (Jeez, the first 3 things I looked at were over $200 each, before I landed on that $70 GAP shirt and walked out). And the next time I’m in Old City I’ll definitely stop in and say, “Hey!”

And as a side note Mr. Dormer, to be fair, I decieded to respond to you on my blog because I started this on my blog. I really do like your shop. I promise.

TTLY, Conrad

What do you all think of Sugarcube? Let me (and them) know…