“Members of the Philadelphia Bicycle Messengers Association gathered Monday night at Love Park to protest new proposals at City Council they say would make it more difficult for them to do their jobs.” 

O.M.F.G… The tension in the city between bikes, cars and pedestrians is getting sooo uncomfortably palpable. And having the city unfairly target only 1 of these 3 groups is NOT helping. “Unfairly target, but how?” You ask?

For example… Choosing which laws to enforce, on a whim. Leading to unfairly steep fines being given to bicyclists who bike on a red light, simply because the law (whether it’s been regularly enforced or not up until recently) has been “on the books” for a long time. Yeeet not giving fines to pedestrians for walking through red lights, even though there’s the same laws against that.

And all these new unnecessary rules like mandatory bike registration and/or license plates… WTF is that? Along with the completely misunderstood usage of fixed-gear bikes promoting a new mandatory “all bikes must have brakes” rule. (Yeah, because all the cars that have break aren’t hurting or killing anyone).

There has looong been a wondering tension between bikers and motorist and pedestrians in Philadelphia, but with the help of the city, and the news, and the blogs (yes, including me) in recent months, all tugging and pulling and amping it up so much, are we on the verge of a full on feud? People are so angry, all because we use different wheels, or no wheels at all to get around(?)

Where is this going? I’m afraid to find out…

TTLY, Conrad