7/8 Mark over at YVYNYL is hosting his first showcase this Thursday night, July 8th. If you’re around, I highly suggest stopping by Younglove’s, West Philly’s newest one-stop vintage shop. I’m sure you’ve all checked out their vinyl selection during breaks at Danger Danger, but Thursday night they will be playing host to Julian Lynch, Vacation Dad, and Arches. Oh, and it’s free!

I’m a little torn about Thursday night; The Ox has a completely different option including one of my favorite live bands. This nice Philadelphia/Baltimore combo will feature Ecstatic SusnhineWeekends, PolygonsAcid Kicks, and The Semaphore. I currently can’t get enough Weekends. If you haven’t heard of this noisy drum/guitar duo, give a listen below to their Forkcasted track, “Raingirls,” courtesy of Friends Records. This song makes me want to get sweaty, break things, and then put them back together so I can break them again. Too much? Weekends’ upcoming full length, Strange Cultures, which was mixed and mastered by Rob Girardi (Beach House, Celebration, Double Dagger,) is due out sometime this month. Don’t want to wait? I recommend pre-ordering Strange Cultures here.

[audio:13 Raingirls (short).mp3|titles=Raingirls (short)|artists=Weekends]