Although often critically overshadowed by their slightly more underplayed peers, who rely on less of the cosmetic and sonic influence of both horror cinema and glam rock, I find it quite hard to argue that Bauhaus aren’t the quintessential post-punk band of all-time… They broke and burned out in less than five years and they never looked or sounded less than fabulous… or horrifying… Although their original… and subsequent… tenure[s] were short, few artists can ever claim to have had a bigger influence on possibly the last two generations of admirable teen-angst than these four lads from Northampton, who blended the sloppy chaos of punk with the moodiness of the Victorian gothic.  Frontman Peter Murphy is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bauhaus, with a tour accompanied by Bauhaus bassist David J.  And their Ruby Celebration, 40 Years of Bauhaus, North American Tour will play Union Transfer this Tuesday, February 12th, the first time that Murphy and J have played Bauhaus songs together in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection since 1998 (Bauhaus did support Nine Inch Nails in Camden in 2006, but that’s New Jersey…)  For any music nerd, former and/or present goth or rivethead, or just fans of those most beautifully subversive moments in the history of “Rock’N’Roll,” this is the city’s first event of 2019 that you really should make a point to not miss.  If you need any more convincing, here’s a quick playlist of Bauhaus’ 10 best songs.

10. “She’s in Parties”

9. “Kick in the Eye”

8. “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”

7. “A God in an Alcove”

6. “Slice of Life”

5. “Swing the Heartache”

4. “The Passion of Lovers”

3. “In the Flat Field”

2. “Dark Entries”

1. “Crowds”