For those of you nostalgic for the musical glory of the ‘90s and early 2000s (And who wouldn’t be?), MilkBoy is hosting what will likely be the live event of the week tonight, with a double-headlining bill, boasting Jimmy Gnecco, singer/songwriter and mainman of gothy alt rockers OURS, alongside Leeds, the solo project of Royston Langdon, former frontman of the quintessential glam revivalists of the ‘90s, Spacehog.

Jimmy Gnecco will be performing an acoustic set of mostly OURS tunes, with an emphasis on last year’s New Age Heroine II, while Langdon will be playing a set in support of Leeds’ debut LP, Everything’s Dandy, which dropped last May.  The album, which features songwriting contributions from brother and bandmate Antony and former Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson, is a stripped down take on Langdon’s sonic sensibilities, a kind of glam folk reminiscent of both early Bowie and Spacehog’s best ballads.

For those of you thirtysomethings annoyed with the current state of… well, everything… and finding it hard to connect with much of anything that’s made its way onto the music charts in the past decade, I’m not sure that there’s going to be a better way to spend a Saturday night all year than in a dark and cozy bar, while Mr. Gnecco and Mr. Langdon serenade us with the sounds that comforted us during our years of existentially glorious teen angst.