The Philly bike messenger who was injured by a motorist in a hit-and-run Thanksgiving morning, Rachel Fletcher, was highlighted on Fox29 last night.

Rachel talked about her ordeal to even get the Philadelphia police to report this as a hit-and-run. The police claim it was an accident. Because yeah, they were there, and they saw what happened… BTW, I never knew that the police got to decide that if they thought you were lying they could just not help you. Hhhmm… Interesting.

She also talks about laying on the ground bleeding and being passed by cars for 20 minutes, until another bicyclist stopped to help her. Yeah, thaaat’s Philadelphia for you. I doubt that was a motorist vs. bicyclist thing, but the whole police not reporting it as a hit-and-run doesn’t make any sense to me… WTF?!  Anyway, watch the clip…

Rachel I hope you get well quickly. Keep fighin’ that fight. And despite all the shitty shitty shit that you are going through right now, look on the bright side(?) Of all the people in Philly who have been injured in hit-and-runs, you at the very least got the whole city to get as mad as hell, and their not going to take it anymore. You helped spawn a rally where other bike messengers gathered to protest the newly enforced and newly proposed laws by City Council that have only risen the tensions (that you felt first hand) in this city between motorist and bicyclist. You are, at least for now, the face of what’s wrong in this city… Is that a bright side? I hope so.

TTLY, Conrad