*Do “activists” protest from beach chairs? I don’t know, but I can NOT start taking these people seriously until they at least stand up!!

First of all, these Tea Party people should take 2 days off from Fox News and take a civics class. I mean really F.U.P.A. woman (fat upper pussy area), you really don’t know that that’s EXACTLY how our government works? Come on!!

So it seems the heads of this weird Tea Party movement(?) have just released their “targets” for the 2010 Senate/House races, and Arlen Specter is one of them. Side note: WHY do they use gun terms for everything? If a government offical gets shot anytime soon, we will know EXACTLY who to blame. Ugh… Anyway, with a bulls eye directed right at Specter’s forehead, I’m sure that means Tea Party “protests” will be going on all over PA this summer/fall, probably a handful in Philly, however, if they know what’s good for them they’re stick to  central PA.

What do you all make of this? Let me know…

TTLY, Conrad