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Let’s Talk About Last Night in Philly Sports

The Penguins put their skirts on last night, but not their dainty ballet skirts. They slipped on their classiest gowns and came out with the intent to not go quietly.

Philadelphia Sports Spend the Evening Not Failing You

The key to their success? Relentless athleticism. Concentrated support. And as always, Peter Laviolette being seconds away from a vicious crime.

How to Hate a Penguin

Somewhere between protecting their eggs from the harsh Arctic cold and learning to play hockey, Penguins became a whiny, detestable pack of Pennsylvanian jerkbags. And there's not a thing Morgan Freeman could narrate them doing that could change that.

Your Philthy Guide to the Winter Classic

The Flyers need you to help them set the bar high on 2012. Otherwise, we'll just keep being dominant with the occasional humiliating loss.

Flyers Fan’s Guide to the NHL All-Star Ballot

Whoa, whoa! Calm down, Kimmo! It's just a game! Ha, ha, ha. Just kidding. Kill everybody.

Flyers Pretty Much Have to be Team of Destiny

Better latch on now, before it hurts too much to breathe.

Dan Carcillo Finds This Ridiculous

Dan Carcillo, best known for missing body parts and kind of looking like Mandy Patinkin, has just become the second ex-Philadelphia athlete to teach us all a thing or two from several hundred miles away.

Black Thursday

There are still faces on the franchise, despite two of them being ripped off; better, uglier faces.

Still Alive

So as the Wells Fargo Center fills with orange and the newly healed Chris Pronger glides around the ice like a flying serial killer, there is a simple philosophy that is set to inspire both of the arena's inhabitants in either sport: A win's a win.

Bring Out Your Dead

The Philly sportscape is on the rise at the moment, but like all good things, it hasn't come without horrifying casualties.

A Philthy Sports Post Election Day Snarkfest

The people of New Jersey are now proud constituents of a brand new offensive tackle/state representative, which makes for some of the coolest business cards ever customized.

The Broad Street Bully: Origins

The tattered hockey gear adorned on his torso had a picture of a skull drinking whiskey and giving the finger to a sobbing baby penguin.

My Sister’s CD Collection as the Philadelphia Sports Scene

She was kind enough to welcome me into her lovely home, so naturally I have rifled through her things.

Phreak Show: The Time Has Come

There is nothing sexier than forcing two best friends fight to a graphic, slaughterous death.

Phreak Show: Mistaken Identity

Rex Ryan is trying to channel the Bullies' essence in an intersport 'tude-heist across time.

Phreak Show: We’ve All Got Penises

As they roast like pigs in the hot Bethlehem sun, their flesh and guts staining the newly seeded grass, we see the roots of a football season beginning to sprout into a team of impassioned, sort of uppity, and intriguingly violent Eagles.

Phreak Show: Let it Go, Man

Last week, we discussed "justice," a little. This time, our theme takes a more sympathetic turn, as we put down our hammers and unclench our fists to offer a comforting, yet still frustrated, pat on the shoulder to our topics.

Phreak Show: Everything’s Fine

In the end, that's what the NBA is all about, right? Having fun. And destroying entire cities with a one-hour special revolving around a single sentence. Also, money. Ungodly amounts of it.