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Gym( ) Tan(✓) Laundry( )

The Jersey Shore ladies check off their to-do list while shooting their show's second season in Miami... WHAT is this show about exactly? TTLY, Conrad

Miss Tila (Perviously Tila Tiquila) Strips Around L.A. To Promote New...

Dear old "friend", did you have to change your name because you're such a slut now? Noooooo, you were always a slut... Well, good...

Which Casually Dressed “Celebrity” (Using That Word Loosely Here) Would You...

Kristin Cavallari or Paris Hilton? I guess the square black leather purse is HOT this Spring/Summer for the lady that wants to be famous, but...

Katy Perry And Russell Brand In NYC

(CLICK photos to see them LARGER) I'm pretty sure Russell Brand still fucking erks me out. I just feel like an En Vogue song is...

Lady Gaga’s Crazy Ass Lands In Tokyo

(CLICK photos to see them LARGER) Are those fake Japanese tattoos on her arm? Weird... As my grandmother would say, "God bless'er!" TTLY, Conrad