Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside are “Rockin’, Dancin’, Twistin’, and Shoutin’”

My favorite album of 2013 is, without a doubt, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside’s Untamed Beast (on Partisan Records).  The band’s sophomore effort is a blend of classically great...

My favorite album of 2013 is, without a doubt, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside’s Untamed Beast (on Partisan Records).  The band’s sophomore effort is a blend of classically great musical movements almost too brilliant to even fathom its existence… okay, so maybe it’s not quite as revolutionary as The Velvets, but it’s certainly the most cleverly badass thing I’ve heard since Deer Tick’s Divine Providence (also courtesy of Partisan Records).  It is the sound of the world’s best garage band taking on Americana, with all the soul of the Motor City and the sass of the most riotous Riot Grrrl.  While Sallie tends to draw comparisons to the likes of Carl Perkins and Ella Fitzgerald, her sound is also imbued with the crass transgressions of the likes of Sleater-Kinney and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in their earliest, grimiest stages… but with a prominently coy twang.  The band are currently on the road with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down and will be making an appearance this Saturday, March 23rd, in the basement-lounge-postmodern-speakeasy-vibing Underground Arts.  It is a show I would highly recommend checking out.  I recently got a chance to chat with Sallie Ford about her current mindset and just what you can expect of The Sound Outside.

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Izzy Cihak: You’re from Portland, Oregon.  What are your thoughts on the city?

Sallie Ford: I moved to Portland about seven years ago and I love it! It rains a lot but, when its sunny, it looks lush and green and everyone really appreciates it. It’s a great city for biking, music, food, and it’s affordable, too.

IC: Do you have any favorite PDX bands, whether past or present?

SF: Satan’s Pilgrims is probably my fave Portland band. I also like Wild Ones, Sons of Huns, and Old Light.

IC: (Do people still say PDX?  It’s been about ten years since I’ve visited the city, which was back when I was a teenage wannabe hipster.  I won’t be offended if I find out that the abbreviation makes me sound like a lame outsider.)

SF: Yeah! We still say PDX, ‘cause that’s the airport abbreviation as well. We also say P-town.

IC: You recently released your sophomore LP.  How would you characterize its sound, compared to your debut?

SF: It’s more rockin’. I think we have also grown as musicians and I have grown as a lyricist and songwriter.

IC: Do you have a favorite track, or a track which best embodies your  current musical mindset?

SF: I think “They Told Me” is a song that is “rock n’ roll” and takes inspiration from different types of rock from multiple eras.

IC: You’re currently on tour.  What have been the highlights thus far and what can Philadelphia fans expect of the show?

SF: Being in the warmer weather has been amazing. It’s great to be in the south and eating the good food. It has also been great to be on tour with Thao & the Get Down Stay Down! They rock! Our show in Philly will be rockin’, dancin’, twistin’ and shoutin’.

IC: What are your plans and hopes for the rest of 2013?

SF: We are gonna tour, but also have a little down time in our lovely home of Portland so we maintain our sanity.  We wanna build our following in the USA and go on our own headlining tour before the end of the year!


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