Little Green Cars photo 1

This Thursday sees the first in a brilliant string of weekend shows at our very own Johnny Brenda’s: Little Green Cars on Thursday (the 21st), San Cisco and Chaos Chaos on Friday (the 22nd), Sky Ferreira on Saturday (the 23rd), and Kate Nash and Supercute! on Sunday (the 24th) (Keep checking Philthy Mag for my recent chat with Supercute!)  First up, Little Green Cars, is a quintet of 20-year-olds who’ve spent the last five years honing their craft and writing and recording the songs found on their debut LP, Absolute Zero, which is out next Tuesday, March 26th, on Glassnote Records.  Earlier today I had a brief chat with vocalist/guitarist Faye O’Rourke to talk about what fans can expect of the upcoming album and live dates.  “When you’re 18, you’re young, so you can really only write about being 18,” she tells me, laughing, but says that the record is “very nostalgic” and very much captures them growing up together as a group of friends.  She tells me that the album really needs to be heard as a whole in order to really be understood: “It’s got a folk element, I suppose, but it’s got a rock element, too, and there some electronic stuff… It’s a songwriter’s album.”  However, Faye says that a live setting is where the band feels most comfortable: “We are a live band.  That’s what we love to do.”  And she says that their live show is quite varied: “You can expect a lot of things.  There’s not like one thing that we do live.  We can bash out some heavy stuff and then have like three emotional songs.”

(As of right now 21 people have RSVPed for the show via Facebook… which usually = sellout, so I would recommend getting your tickets ASAP… This might be the last chance you get to see them in a 300-capacity room… Until then, check out their video for “Harper Lee.”)