Seriously though how did that fucking balloon boy get more media attention yesterday than the tens of thousands of GLBTQ that marched in D.C. for equality last Sunday? Really?!

Is this a sign that in our Joe-The-Plumber media age, protests just don’t cut it anymore? Do we need to find one gay family that has some multi-no-rights tragedy to tell? Something like a gay person having their adopted child taken away from them after their partner’s death, simply because only one of them (the one that died) could sign the paperwork. Could America empathize more if that same gay person also missed the last hours of their partner’s life due to some hospital’s basic family-only after-hours rule. Then when the dust starts settling that gay person looses the house they’ve lived in for 15+ years because their partner had no will (the death was so sudden) and with the house being in only the dead partner’s name it goes to their brother who just happens to be mad homophobic. Then this homophobic brother tortures and murders that gay person, but the brother is found “not guilty” because he was tried in Mississippi where a jury of his peers found no problem with the murder… I mean, Prop 8 did set the standard that government is not here to protect minorities, like that silly Constitution claims. Government is here to rule on popular demand. 

Matthew Shepard worked for hate crime legislation.

Lt. Dan Choi seems to be the best face of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

So… Any gay families wanna share their multi-no-rights tragedy with America?

TTLY, Conrad