Special thanks to our friends from Matchstick and Jeep.

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Jeep Compass 2011

Last week I got the chance to test drive a Jeep Compass 2011. I don’t really know that much about cars but overall, the Compass was a smooth and impeccably enjoyable car to drive. The interior had full hook-ups with GPS navigation, hands-free cellular device, and Sirius Satellite radio/CD/AUX built in—leather seats, sunroof, automatic windows and locks, and ample trunk space.

Because I don’t exactly speak Car and Driver, here are a few points-of-interest I put together in lamest terms:


  • Can survive Girard Ave pot/sink holes
  • Trolley track resistant
  • Off-road and ready four wheel drive
  • Enough space to move musical hook-ups, laundry, large crafts, and dogs (comfortably!) long distances.
  • Journey/Commuter ready, though, I think this mostly has to do with the sunroof and bumpin sound system


A few specs:

  • MPG: 23 City and 27 Highway
  • Base price; $19,295
  • Boston Acoustics® Premium Sound

    Navigation by Garmin®




Also a special thanks to the shitstorm that is the PPA for the ticket. #I’dratherwalk