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Walking back from Rita’s with Curt and Louisa, we ran into the bird wheat paste artist-in the act of creating new work-behind the McDonald’s on Front street, between Girard avenue and Wildey street in Fishtown.

This completely shocked and excited me for two reasons. Firstly, I had JUST blogged about some of these bird wheat pastings I found in Fishtown/NoLibs last week! And secondly, I had JUST taken photos of some new bird wheat pastings I  found not 5 minutes before on Poplar street in NoLibs (which are the first 2 photos of this post), when we ran into her!

As you might imagine I began to run (and by run I mean walk) up to her right away with the biggest smile on my face, and we got to talking a bit. (For obvious reasons, she asked me not to use her name.) She said she’s a mural artist who’s done other, more (I guess the right word here would be) legal murals in Fishtown/NoLibs, and that these bird pastings were a new thing her and some friends started a few weeks ago with no bigger purpose other than to make people smile. 🙂

This piece is a bit different from the bird wheat pastes, as you can see, she’s painting these birds on. This, she said, is simply because she had some more time on her hands and wanted to put in a little extra work.

She says, right now, they plan to continue to pop these up all over the neighborhood. And thus, I will continue smiling when I pass them.

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By the way, she reads this blog (or at least she does now, I gave her the link), so feel free to leave sweet comments below, as I’m sure she’ll be reading them…

TTLY, Conrad