A few weeks back Louisa made me go to a poetry reading at The Chapter House (I kept calling it a “poetry slam,” you can only image how much this annoyed her.) We went to support a co-worker of hers who was reading “when i wake up i am going to bury you in a parking lot.”

Normally I’m not one to sit around and read poetry all day. But Sasha’s poem was like The Khyber of poetry. That is to say, it’s like how you never go to Old City to drink, unless you go to The Khyber (or sometimes Sugar Mom’s, depending on how fratty it is).

Funny story, the Columbia University bound (class of 2011) Sasha Fletcher almost never got into poetry. While studying at Tyler (class of 2007) his main interests were painting and writing short stories. It wasn’t until Sasha needed to fulfill a writing intensive credit that poetry entered his mind space. 

Surprisingly, he found poetry to be incredibly natural to him, Sasha says “I spent most of my time editing and reediting sentences every time I would sit down to write a short story.” Since then Sasha has written his first book of poetry “everything here is ok” [awaiting publication]. 

Read Sasha Fletcher’s blog HERE.

TTLY, Conrad

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