Sup u all? How u been? I been good. I took a few days off from the blog life. Went to Baltimore for some drinks, did a little shopping too. (More abt that later.) Went to D.C. for Obama’s inauguration. Made a video abt it. Wanna see? Cool. Watch it below, or in higher definition HERE

BTW, this is not really ur average Obama inauguration video. Why, u ask? Mostly because I saw none of the dude’s inauguration, very little of his parade route, and none of his actual parade. (U’ve proly seen enough of all that by now though, right?)

This video is more abt what I, and proly most ppl who went to D.C. Tuesday, saw. With so many ppl not allowed past the security check points (they closed the Mall before I was even awake… some ticket holders were even left out) D.C. ended up turning into a mini frozen Mardi Gras. (Except every1 was drunk off change, instead of cheap beer.)  

Take a look:

Philthy Blog Goes To Obama’s Inauguration! from Philthy Blog on Vimeo.

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TTLY, Conrad