This Tuesday Kevin Ogilvie (also known as Nivek Ogre, Ogre, and the lead singer of Skinny Puppy), will be headlining the stage of Underground Arts as ohGr, his primary solo output (which also includes Mark Walk, who has been a member of Skinny Puppy for the past decade and a half).  This summer ohGr released Tricks, the project’s fifth full-length, which explores Ogilvie’s affection for pop, despite his many sonically postmodern and subversive tendencies.  The album is one of the year’s best and it’s incredibly rare that he produces a show that’s not worth well more than the price of admission, so I would highly recommend coming out to see him this Tuesday.  If you need more convincing, or just some friendly encouragement, here are 10 exceptionally great moments from Mr. Ogilvie’s career, from his gig as Skinny Puppy’s frontman, to his solo work, or his work with Martin Atkins, from Ministry’s The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste tour, to the birth of Pigface, and their own, personal two-piece, Rx.


  1. ohGr – “Pissage”

  1. Rx – “Reuptake”

  1. Revolting Cocks – “Cattle Grind”

  1. Skinny Puppy – “Worlock”

  1. Pigface – “Asphole”

  1. ohGr – “maJiK”

  1. Skinny Puppy – “I’mmortal”

  1. ohGr – “Cracker”

  1. Ministry – “Breathe”

  1. Skinny Puppy – “Harsh Stone White”