Earlier today our very favorite singer/songwriter, post-riot grrrl British vixen Kate Nash, released her newest music video, “Hate You,” the latest single from Yesterday Was Forever, her fourth full-length, which dropped this March.  The video, directed by Aidan Zamiri, takes on a seemingly ‘80s-inspired, hyper-camp horror aesthetic, which would seem to perfectly match the punky sass pop Nash has become known for throughout much of her career.  According to her latest press release, Nash states that the song and video are an ode to the dichotomy of love and hate felt in so many romantic relationships.

“Hate You is putting up with the stuff you shouldn’t. Realising maybe you don’t actually like the person you love. Hate you is finally seeing what you’re being served. You’re emotionally spent and you keep hanging on cause you believe in love. Hate You is for lovers that want something better! Perhaps it’s time to upgrade. The video for Hate You delves into the subconscious narrative. How far can you be pushed when a power greater than you controls your every move. At what point do you lose yourself in someone or something else. What is freedom worth and how do you find that in a controlled and toxic environment.”

In addition to her video for “Hate You,” Kate Nash has also confirmed that she will be returning to her role as wrestler Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson in the Emmy Award-winning Nexflix series GLOW, which has officially been picked up for a third season.

Watch Nash’s video for “Hate You” below and read our March chat, in which we discuss Yesterday Was Forever, the first two seasons of GLOW, and her first US tour in five years.